Monday, August 8, 2011

This Is Not Normal. But, It's All Better Wearing Anthro OOTD

Yes, Dr. Vet, I agree.  THIS is NOT normal.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my pup's life.  You did an amazing job!  What's further amazing is that I didn't have a stroke on the spot many hours earlier at the onset of this day's test of "How will YOU react in an emergency?".  I was in the kitchen putting groceries away when I heard a very strange gutteral sound and lots of scuffing sounds.  Went into the dining room to find my little dachshund freaking all the heck out!  She was pawing her face and rubbing it into the carpet.  I checked her mouth and spotted blood on her teeth.  WTF?!!  Managed to pry her mouth open and saw a wooden shish-kabob stick EMBEDDED across the roof of her mouth.  There was no way of prying it loose.  Now I was freaked all the heck out.  I just jumped in the car and sped away not quite sure where I was going since I deemed our regular vet too far away.  I zoomed past the local police station with a quick thought of going in there, but I recalled a vet I had considered switching to in our new neighborhood that was literally single-digit minutes away.  Flew in like crazy lady and practically threw Piper over the counter, screaming "Pleassse helppp her!!!"  I was not surprised when they said extraction could not be done with her awake.  Piper has abnormal readings for her liver, which we discovered during a routine blood test for her dental cleaning while back.  In fact, our regular vet would not put her under anesthesia for the cleaning as a result.  Low and behold, Dr. Vet started talking about some new kind of anesthesia for dogs with liver problems.  YES!  And, it's "Dental Day", so we'll do her teeth cleaning too.  YES!  So, anyways, I came back at the end of the day to a wagging tail, beautiful white teeth, complimentary nail clipping, and NO more stick embedded in mouth.  Piper is currently being spoiled with lots of cuddles :) 

Piper Survives Skewer
Any day that involves getting charged for "Foreign Body Removal" calls for Anthro Shopping Therapy.  I picked up the Colorblocked Sweater Skirt, which my store had perfectly paired with the Solid Boy Tee in Dark Orange.  I'ved read that some think the skirt should be lined, but I actually prefer it unlined so I can wear it now in this warmer weather.  My usual size for both items fit perfectly.  The skirt is elastic and the belt is sewn on keeping things looking tidy.
These shoes by Seychelles are a bit higher than my comfort level, but I like them with the outfit, so I am teeter tottering around.
It's Monday night, so my husband already knows to leave the iPad by the bed, so I can get my early morning sale snags.  I'm really hoping the Slubby Tulip Dress goes on sale.  And, I'll get a PA if the Flourishing Stripes Tank makes the cut.  I had to return the Cuffed Clogs - loved them, but couldn't walk in them (they kept slipping off).  Checking Effortless Anthropologie for Sale Guessing - love it!  
A Quiet Moment Enjoying The Morning Sunshine

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