Thursday, August 25, 2011

East Coast Earthquake While Wearing Anthro (J Brand Love Story OOTD)

Wow, that was some earthquake we had yesterday!  I was on the 3rd floor at work and we evacuated right away with bits of ceiling falling.  Looking back, not sure why we all went outside to stand in front of a 4-story glass building.  But not to worry, all safe here.  I'm reviewing my Zombie Survival Plan though and making some edits.

These are J Brand Love Story Petite jeans.  I'm just under 5'6" and these were the perfect length.  They are a bit pricey, but well worth a perfect fit out of the bag.

Lately, I've been leaning towards the casual and find myself grabbing jeans more frequently.  I want some more loose billowy tops to pair up.  I really only have this one, but see some lovelies on the Anthro website.  Haven't tried any of them on in person, except for the Lunar Cycles Top (been waiting a long time for it to go on sale).

Anthropologie Fernery Top

Ensnared Peasant Top

Stacking Tiles Swing Blouse

Lunar Cycles Top

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anthro Is Taking Me Down (Also, A Flourishing Stripes Tank Review)

Free shipping + sale will be my downfall.  I just bought the most random things possible.  I can't explain it.  None were on my wishlist.  I hadn't even seen any of these before today: 

I mean, a cut-off sweatshirt?!  Really?  A $70 cut-off sweatshirt?!  Ummm, yeah, it's Anthro.  So, total score. Looks like I'm craving "comfy".

I did purchase this tank full price out of fear that it would sell out in my size before making it to sale.  I really like it and will probably pick up the grey at sale (it doesn't appear as popular as the navy), except I need to find a more comfortable strapless bra.  I'm thinking some type of stretchy bandeau style without any boning/wire.  I love the criss-cross in the back!

Anthropologie Flourishing Stripes Tank

Shown with the Paige Denim Ankle Skyline (sale score!)
Even though my sale purchases are to-the-max (and recently, cuckoo), it's not too bad considering what my full price ones were even just a year ago.  Now, I patiently wait for sales.  Times are tough.  The economy sucks.  But, I've still got Anthro.  And now, I've got my very own Anthro-centric blog :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Complaining About Complainers While Wearing Anthro OOTD

I complain about things.  My kids not picking up stuff.  My husband using a cutting board, butcher knife, butter knife, and a plate JUST to make a PB&J sandwich.  People who don't use turn signals.  But, it is rare that I find fault with anything when on vacation.  Well, I do have serious annoyance with luggage issues.  But hey, that's not even a big deal as long as all arrives in less than 24 hours after I do.  I just went on Tripadvisor to check out reviews of the resort we are going to in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Wow - talk about negative comments.  They are over the most ridiculous things and you can just FEEL that somebody is REALLY all bent out of shape over...
  • Humidity in Ocean View room (c'mon, it's the Caribbean)
  • Missing tiles in bathroom (how do you notice this?!)
  • They don't all speak english (remind me, where are you again?)
  • Seaweed on the beach - post hurricane Emily (oh, the travesty!)
Anyways, I'm so excited to go on vacation.  But, alas, I am off to work instead in one of my often repeated Anthro outfits.

I think just about every Anthro lover has this skirt :)
And sweater.

Cole Haan Nike Air Pumps really are that comfortable!

Complaints about my complaints?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's A Maxi, Not A Muu Muu AND It's Anthro OOTD

My husband of no fashion sense actually used the words muu muu.  My first response was "it's Anthro".  I seem to justify lots of things with this response.  I can't be the only one.  Besides, everyone knows if it's Anthro than it must be right. 

I did cartwheels when I not only scored a popback of the Hypnotic Maxi, but ALSO got it on sale.  I had pretty much given up once it hit the sale.  But lo and behold - MINE, Yes, ALL MINE!  And, I don't care if it is as flattering as a muu muu, I LOVE it - soooo comfy!

My oldest munchkin just turned 5.  She thinks she is going to kindergarten Monday.  I'm trying to explain how it's not immediate upon birthday.  These two girls are my greatest joys.  Even if they are nuts.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Sky Is Falling, But At Least I'm Wearing Anthro OOTD

Is it just me? Or, is your head spinning too from all the doom and gloom in the world? I am so happy to be home, to have my hubby and kids home, and to just settle in for the night. I want to reflect on my day's experiences of inconsequence, not think about the serious events of late. Here is where things are light. And by light, I mean yep, my Anthro OOTD.

This is such a comfortable silk dress. I've contemplated the Verdant Slip Dress, which is also silk, but am still on the fence. Wearing this dress today made me reconsider yet again. Perhaps a visit to my local store is warranted to try it on in person to see if it is comparable in comfort.  I threw on the cardigan to make the dress wearable for work.  The shoes are simple wedge sandals from Target.

So, while it seems the sky is falling, I'm going to let things go for a moment and enjoy Falling Skies.  I DVRed the season finale and I am so excited to watch it tonight.

Monday, August 8, 2011

This Is Not Normal. But, It's All Better Wearing Anthro OOTD

Yes, Dr. Vet, I agree.  THIS is NOT normal.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my pup's life.  You did an amazing job!  What's further amazing is that I didn't have a stroke on the spot many hours earlier at the onset of this day's test of "How will YOU react in an emergency?".  I was in the kitchen putting groceries away when I heard a very strange gutteral sound and lots of scuffing sounds.  Went into the dining room to find my little dachshund freaking all the heck out!  She was pawing her face and rubbing it into the carpet.  I checked her mouth and spotted blood on her teeth.  WTF?!!  Managed to pry her mouth open and saw a wooden shish-kabob stick EMBEDDED across the roof of her mouth.  There was no way of prying it loose.  Now I was freaked all the heck out.  I just jumped in the car and sped away not quite sure where I was going since I deemed our regular vet too far away.  I zoomed past the local police station with a quick thought of going in there, but I recalled a vet I had considered switching to in our new neighborhood that was literally single-digit minutes away.  Flew in like crazy lady and practically threw Piper over the counter, screaming "Pleassse helppp her!!!"  I was not surprised when they said extraction could not be done with her awake.  Piper has abnormal readings for her liver, which we discovered during a routine blood test for her dental cleaning while back.  In fact, our regular vet would not put her under anesthesia for the cleaning as a result.  Low and behold, Dr. Vet started talking about some new kind of anesthesia for dogs with liver problems.  YES!  And, it's "Dental Day", so we'll do her teeth cleaning too.  YES!  So, anyways, I came back at the end of the day to a wagging tail, beautiful white teeth, complimentary nail clipping, and NO more stick embedded in mouth.  Piper is currently being spoiled with lots of cuddles :) 

Piper Survives Skewer
Any day that involves getting charged for "Foreign Body Removal" calls for Anthro Shopping Therapy.  I picked up the Colorblocked Sweater Skirt, which my store had perfectly paired with the Solid Boy Tee in Dark Orange.  I'ved read that some think the skirt should be lined, but I actually prefer it unlined so I can wear it now in this warmer weather.  My usual size for both items fit perfectly.  The skirt is elastic and the belt is sewn on keeping things looking tidy.
These shoes by Seychelles are a bit higher than my comfort level, but I like them with the outfit, so I am teeter tottering around.
It's Monday night, so my husband already knows to leave the iPad by the bed, so I can get my early morning sale snags.  I'm really hoping the Slubby Tulip Dress goes on sale.  And, I'll get a PA if the Flourishing Stripes Tank makes the cut.  I had to return the Cuffed Clogs - loved them, but couldn't walk in them (they kept slipping off).  Checking Effortless Anthropologie for Sale Guessing - love it!  
A Quiet Moment Enjoying The Morning Sunshine

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've Become My Husband, Except I Wear Anthro - OOTD

Grocery stores have become quite the mecca of "oh, awesome, I gotta have THAT completely unnecessary <insert gadget/shiny object>!" finds.  I never thought I would become a person to buy such random things (like my husband), but today at Safeway, I discovered the Barbie display containing a 12 book set.  I mean how do you not buy every book in any volume set?!  Especially when it is boxed so pretty all together?!  Ummm, yes, the girls also NEEDED the art set, watch, socks, travel mug and WHERE WERE THE PLACEMATS?!  The sign said there were placemats too.  I didn't see placemats.  Don't say you have placemats if you don't have placemats.  Deep breathe.  Ok, much better.  Now, how on earth do you (my husband) go to the grocery store for dish soap and return with 6 chip clips?!  If you have six bags of chips open, chances are there is a stale bag in the mix somewhere.  And, who buys 6 chip clips at once?  Oh, there was a SALE.  Is he looking pointedly at me and insinuating something? Ha ha!  Back at ya with your automated egg stirrer.  What the heck, you ask?  It is battery operated and you put it in the frying pan and it will stir your scrambled eggs for you while they cook.  How lazy are you that you can't stir your eggs while they are cooking?!  And, I kind of think that when eggs are involved, you should be in front of them the whole time they are cooking.  Eyes on.  Hands on.  But seriously, my husband will buy any gadget no matter how silly.  I guess I wouldn't be so annoyed if we had ANY space in the kitchen to actually store said items.

I wore this outfit to the grocery store.  I love my slouchy stitch pullover snagged on 2nd cuts.  I actually bought immediately when it went on sale and was delighted to get the PA on the 2nd cut.  I would have bought the beige one full price, but alas I wishlist-stalked it for a popback with no success.  The jeans are the ever popular AG Stevies in Market, which I find so comfortable that I just bought the lighter color Range on sale.

The shoes are my surprisingly comfy Miss Albright something clogs also purchased on sale on a whim (which means sucked into purchase by Tuesday sale because SALE!).  Did I mention I just picked up the cuffed clogs?  They should arrive today.  I really have no room to make fun of my husband's purchases.  Hee hee.

Besides, he was kind enough to take my OOTD pics.