Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anthro Oldie But Goodie - My First OOTD

Thought I would be engulfed in chaos trying to whip up dinner for the girls, but hubby is picking up sushi on his way home - YESSSS!  So, here I am posting my first OOTD AND drawing zoo animals with markers AND playing kitchen.  I started this oh about 45 minutes ago.  I'll probably be done oh in about 2 hours just in time for Big Brother.  Why do I feel guilty about my tv viewing pleasures?!  Anyways, today called for one of my all time favorite Anthro purchases - the infamous Reed dress!

I got these Anthro shoes months ago on sale and never found anything to wear them with (I always seem to get sucked into Tuesday morning sale purchases for no reason other than SALE!).

I think they paired well here though :)

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