Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've Become My Husband, Except I Wear Anthro - OOTD

Grocery stores have become quite the mecca of "oh, awesome, I gotta have THAT completely unnecessary <insert gadget/shiny object>!" finds.  I never thought I would become a person to buy such random things (like my husband), but today at Safeway, I discovered the Barbie display containing a 12 book set.  I mean how do you not buy every book in any volume set?!  Especially when it is boxed so pretty all together?!  Ummm, yes, the girls also NEEDED the art set, watch, socks, travel mug and WHERE WERE THE PLACEMATS?!  The sign said there were placemats too.  I didn't see placemats.  Don't say you have placemats if you don't have placemats.  Deep breathe.  Ok, much better.  Now, how on earth do you (my husband) go to the grocery store for dish soap and return with 6 chip clips?!  If you have six bags of chips open, chances are there is a stale bag in the mix somewhere.  And, who buys 6 chip clips at once?  Oh, there was a SALE.  Is he looking pointedly at me and insinuating something? Ha ha!  Back at ya with your automated egg stirrer.  What the heck, you ask?  It is battery operated and you put it in the frying pan and it will stir your scrambled eggs for you while they cook.  How lazy are you that you can't stir your eggs while they are cooking?!  And, I kind of think that when eggs are involved, you should be in front of them the whole time they are cooking.  Eyes on.  Hands on.  But seriously, my husband will buy any gadget no matter how silly.  I guess I wouldn't be so annoyed if we had ANY space in the kitchen to actually store said items.

I wore this outfit to the grocery store.  I love my slouchy stitch pullover snagged on 2nd cuts.  I actually bought immediately when it went on sale and was delighted to get the PA on the 2nd cut.  I would have bought the beige one full price, but alas I wishlist-stalked it for a popback with no success.  The jeans are the ever popular AG Stevies in Market, which I find so comfortable that I just bought the lighter color Range on sale.

The shoes are my surprisingly comfy Miss Albright something clogs also purchased on sale on a whim (which means sucked into purchase by Tuesday sale because SALE!).  Did I mention I just picked up the cuffed clogs?  They should arrive today.  I really have no room to make fun of my husband's purchases.  Hee hee.

Besides, he was kind enough to take my OOTD pics.

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