Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anthro Is Taking Me Down (Also, A Flourishing Stripes Tank Review)

Free shipping + sale will be my downfall.  I just bought the most random things possible.  I can't explain it.  None were on my wishlist.  I hadn't even seen any of these before today: 

I mean, a cut-off sweatshirt?!  Really?  A $70 cut-off sweatshirt?!  Ummm, yeah, it's Anthro.  So, total score. Looks like I'm craving "comfy".

I did purchase this tank full price out of fear that it would sell out in my size before making it to sale.  I really like it and will probably pick up the grey at sale (it doesn't appear as popular as the navy), except I need to find a more comfortable strapless bra.  I'm thinking some type of stretchy bandeau style without any boning/wire.  I love the criss-cross in the back!

Anthropologie Flourishing Stripes Tank

Shown with the Paige Denim Ankle Skyline (sale score!)
Even though my sale purchases are to-the-max (and recently, cuckoo), it's not too bad considering what my full price ones were even just a year ago.  Now, I patiently wait for sales.  Times are tough.  The economy sucks.  But, I've still got Anthro.  And now, I've got my very own Anthro-centric blog :)

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